Beginners AVR Assembler Language Programming 2

From her house’s window, she could see David holding his notebook walking across the street towards her house. She runs down the stair to open the door (click here for first tutorial)

Hi… sorry for being late, I’ve had trouble downloaded the Atmel AVR Studio 4 and the ATtiny 2313 microcontroller datasheet as you asked me yesterday; You know it’s seem my internet provider always has a problem when I need it most. Continue reading


Beginners AVR Assembler Language Programming 1

I will present this tutorial using this following imaginary conversation between David and Susan; hope you enjoy

Why should I learn coding in assembler language? It’s a machine language and for sure it’s very hard to learn!

The truth is no one actually can really understand the machine language as it only contains “0” and “1”; or what we know as a binary, event the most experience programmer could not understand this kind of language. Continue reading

Starting Atmel AVR C Programming Tutorial 1

In this two series of tutorial, we will provides you with the information on the tools and the basic steps that are involved in using the C programming language for the Atmel AVR microcontrollers. It is intended for people who are new to this type of microcontrollers. The AVRJazz Mega168 board will be use in this tutorial, however this information could be applied to other AVR family as well. Continue reading